BOOK REVIEW: The Greatest Game Ever Played

This magnificent tale of two blue collar golfers will always be one of my favorite stories in the world.

‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ was written by author Mark Frost. The story is about two golfers from different sides of the world. Frost tells the story by aligning their history.

The first golfer, Harry Vardon, was a professional golfer from the Isle of Jersey. He was thought to be the best player in the world at the time.

The second golfer, Francis Ouimet, was a caddy at the Country Club in Brookline, Mass. He was young and had little experience playing in golf tournaments. The definition of an underdog.

Frost starts the tale by aligning these two distant characters and their journey to the 1913 U.S. Open. Although the two iconic players’ journeys start halfway across the world from each other, the two are more similar than it seems.

Both are from working class families.

This is the most important part of the 1913 U.S. Open because, in those times, golf was still thought to be an upper class sport that fought to keep the working class, like Ouimet, out.

Frost did have it easy though. It is much easier to recount history than to make a new story up. And this certain story could not be written. The books prowess feeds off the truthfulness behind the cliche ending. Ouimet beats Vardon in a playoff.

The story has much more behind it though. The book captures the budding democracy of golf perfectly by aligning these two working class characters. Vardon, a champion, is surrounded by those who talk down to the working class. Ouimet, an amateur caddy, is fighting back the waves of discrimination. When Ouimet wins, the working class wins. Something Frost portrays with his transformation of Ouimet’s father, from hater to proud parent.

It’s a story that must be read for those who enjoy golf and sport. The telling tale of the two golfers, and the relationships between Ouimet and those around him will capture your heart and feed your inspiration.

For me, I think of the book and Frost’s captivating story every time I walk by a picture of Ouimet and his caddy, Eddie Lowery, that hangs in the Charles River Country Club clubhouse. My family has been involved with the Ouimet Scholarship Foundation since before the book was written. I could not have been more please with Frost’s unbelievable telling of the tale. He captured the story and all of its meaning with inspirational writing.

This is a must read for everybody.

Rule 33-7/4.5 (The new technology rule)

The rules are simple. If you sign the wrong scorecard, you are disqualified.

However, Tiger Woods was not disqualified for signing the wrong scorecard after his round on friday.

He wasn’t disqualified because the Masters committee reviewed Tiger’s ball drop and concluded that Tiger was acting within the rules of golf.

Tiger, in an interview after his round, said that he wanted an extra yard so that he could hit a better shot. MIND YOU ALL THIS WAS AFTER HE HIT THE PIN CAUSING THE BALL TO CAREM INTO THE WATER.

So, some viewer (not a golf expert) called the Masters Committee to say that Tiger took a drop in the wrong place. This was based on an interview because its impossible to judge that while watching on TV, and nobody (including the myriad of rules officials on the course) who was at Augusta said anything about it being a bad drop while it was going on.

Heres the thing. Tiger should not have been penalized the 2 shots, let alone be disqualified.

Look at this picture I found on



He hit the ball from the same spot. No viewer at home can tell me that they know for a fact that Tiger moved the ball back “2 feet.” There should never have been a penalty.

This penalty cost Tiger Woods the 2013 Masters. If the ball doesn’t hit the pin, Tiger takes a one shot lead at 6 under. Instead he finished 4 shots back at one under. This false penalty cost him the tournament.

The perplexing thing is that the Masters committee OK’d the drop. And reviewed it before the completion of his round on Friday. They changed there mind because of an interview. (The Interview cannot prove anything.)

Here is the shot that caused this penalty.

Yeah. It is tough to be that good. Anybody who called for the disqualification of Woods is still holding a grudge because of his 2009 “transgressions.” People need to move on.

Tiger was the best player at Augusta this week. And he will eventually prevail, it does not matter how hard the haters out there try and keep him from winning. Tiger will prevail.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the greatness.


After years of watching the ball ignore the hole, Adam Scott finally figured out a way to make a few putts. Yesterday, the Australian golfer claimed his first major victory by holing out two putts that he deemed “the putts that the winners make.”

Adam was 3 back of Angel Cabrera with 8 holes left yesterday. Both players hit the back 9 on Sunday trying to hold it together for one of the most treacherous back nine’s in golf.

Angel would slip, hitting a shot into the water on 11, while the moisture on the greens kept a few important putts from falling. Meanwhile, the moisture kept Adam’s ball out of the cup as well. He missed a great look for eagle on 14, and failed to follow up a brilliant tee shot on the par 3 16th by leaving the putt on the high side of the cup.

Adam wouldn’t miss on 18. Looking to take the lead for the first time all week, Adam looked at a 20 footer that could possibly define his career.

If you don’t remember the summer of 2012, Adam met catastrophe on the final holes of the British Open. He was 5-over that Sunday at Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s. Nothing worse than only needing a par on 18 and driving into an inescapable fairway bunker. Adam pitched it out and showed his metal by putting his approach shot to 7 feet. But Adam failed to convert the putt and handed the 2012 Claret Jug to Ernie Els.


4 bogeys in a row, and Adam saw his chance at a major fade away.

Golf is give and take and it simply does not care how much it takes from you.

For Adam, golf has never rewarded his high effort. He was the 5th overall player in the world at one point, before he improved his woeful putting by switching to a long belly putter. A putter that could be taken away as soon as 2014.

No, for Adam, golf has just led to heartbreak. A talent who has never been rewarded, never gotten a break. Often mentioned as one of the nicest guys on the PGA Tour, Scott finally saw a pay day, the putts finally dropped.

History hasnt been kind to Australians at the Masters. Just google Greg Norman. His career chasing the green jacket defined collapsing. Nick Faldo was the beneficiary one year, when Norman went into Sunday with a 6 shot lead and ended up losing by 5 shots.

Would the Aussie curse engulf Adam too?


Congratulations to Adam Scott on being the 2013 Masters Champion. And congratulations to Angel Cabrera who played unbelievable shots down the stretch and was an inch from forcing another playoff hole.


The Masters

The Masters is more than just the first major tournament of the year. It is THE major tournament of the year. Every player dreams of winning the Masters.

The dream begins with the amazing product August National Golf Course puts out year in and year out. Crayola should name its green crayons “Augusta Green” because the course defines the color green.

The course is absolutely pristine. From the driveway into the property to the 18th green, Augusta National is perfect. The perfectly manicured golf course looks like someone cut every blade of grass with a pair of hand scissors.

The green grass is highlighted by the colorful bushes surrounding each hole. The assortment of azaleas and other colorful flowers adds to the allure of the whole week. It is why my father bought an HD television.

Each year the Masters produces something special. Whether it is Tiger hitting miracle shots from behind the 16th green or Phil grabbing his first major. The Masters never fails in producing an exciting finish.

The infamous back 9 at Augusta starts with the treacherous “Amen Corner.” Countless players hopes and dreams are made and broken between the 11th and 13th holes.

Last year, Bubba Watson’s incredible hook shot out of the pine needles and onto the green made history, as Watson’s lovable persona shone through all week.

This year, Tiger has reclaimed his greatness and looks to seal his comeback with a victory in between the famed Georgian pines.

The great thing is that nobody can call it. Augusta has a funny way of rewarding those who deserve it. I’m sure the golf gods consulted Santa’s naughty and nice list at the beginning of the week. Making sure the naughty players bounce into Ray’s creek and the nice players find a way to defy gravity.

The storyline this week, this year, has clearly been about Tiger. Has he finally gotten back on the nice list, or is he stuck on the naughty list again?

Short reaction to a yahoo blog–golf.html

There doesn’t always need to be criticism. Nobody knows how Tiger is going to do in a few weeks. Augusta is a very difficult golf course. People need to chill though. Tiger has hit some of the most incredible shots and has the best recovery game in the sport. He has a chance at August. Relax.

And Tiger has always hit shots sidewards. Its not how you drive, its how you arrive.

Scott, Sunday 64, doesn’t help case for belly putter

One of the major debates going on in the worldwide golf community is if belly putters should be legal. The European tour recently supported a ban on belly putters contradicting the PGA Tour‘s stance.

The USGA and PGA of America have both publicly opposed any proposed rule changes, meaning they do not wish to ban the longer putter from competition.

The belly putter, or anchored putter has grown in popularity because of the ability it gives players to remain still while stroking the ball. One of the players that has seen a noticeable improvement in his putting because of this equipment is Australian Adam Scott.

Scott, in my opinion, has one of the nicest golf swings on tour today. The Australian is one of Butch Harmon‘s pupils and has a swing very similar to the swing Tiger Woods had when he first came onto the PGA Tour. The swing he had when Tiger was also Harmon’s student.

As you can see, Scott and Woods have very similar swings.

Scott is currently ranked 7th in the official world golf rankings but has never won a major. In 2009 he dropped out of the top 50 in the world because of his putting.

Scott then switched to the anchored belly putter.


After switching to the longer putter, Scott began to score much better and regained his top 10 ranking in the world. He has also played much better in the major tournaments. In 2011, at the Masters, when he had the sole lead on the 71st hole and in 2012 when he limped in the last 5 holes, ultimately handing the Open Championship to Ernie Els.

As the 2013 season rounds into full swing, Scott is still on fire on the greens. This was very apparent during his final round of the WGC-Ford Championship at the Trump Doral resort in Miami, FL, where he shot a 64. He only had 22 putts.

This amazing round on the greens only proves to show that these long, anchored putters are helping players on the greens. Scott is just one example of a player who has drastically improved from when he used a standard length putter. This should only fuel the debate between the US and Europe on whether or not there should be a band on anchored belly putters.



Tiger settles down with Olympian

In the wake of one of the most public scandals in recent history, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren ended up divorcing in 2010. Golf’s rock-star and the Swedish babe could not reconcile after Tiger’s famous car accident on Thanksgiving in 2009. 

Both have moved on.

Rumors surfaced last week about the couple trying to mend their relationship to make things work for their two children, Charlie and Sam.

This is not true.

Nordegren is now dating another very wealthy man, not that she didn’t make enough in the settlement from Woods. She is now dating Chris Cline. Cline made his fortune in the coal industry and met Nordegren in a Palm Beach neighborhood called Seminole Landing, where the two both owned homes.

Tiger doesn’t seem to be too heartbroken.

Over the weekend, Tiger announced that he and longtime friend Lindsey Vonn are currently dating. Vonn is an olympic skier who won a gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver games. Tiger made the announcement on his Facebook page by posting a few pictures of the couple.


I think that it was actually just a Nike ad shoot.

My other theory on the relationship is that Tiger, and his ultra competitive personality, is trying to one up the worlds number 1 golfer Rory McIlroy, who is dating professional tennis playerCaroline Wozniacki.  

Tiger, Nike in Rory’s head?

After a tremendous 2012 season, Rory McIlroy came into 2013 ranked number 1 in the official world golf rankings.

In the offseason, McIlroy left Titleist and signed an endorsement deal with Nike which means that he also had to change equipment. In the transition over to Nike, McIlroy developed a close friendship with Tiger Woods, the former wold number 1.

He has not played well since.

Some people are attributing Rory’s sluggish start in 2013 to the equipment change but I think it is the friendship with Woods that has gotten into the young golfers head.

Another rumor swirling around is that Rory and girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki have hit quite the rough patch. The couple had a honeymoon year in 2012 when both athletes enjoyed success, and tweeted cute pictures about their respective world rankings. But 2013 has seemed to be a reality check as now there are mumblings that the two are close to splitting. I’m going to give Rory some credit and blame his shortcomings on Tiger getting in his head.

Yes, I will admit that changing equipment takes time. But, McIlroy hasn’t resembled anything of the golfer we saw dominate the 2012 PGA Championship, winning the final major of the year by 8 strokes. There is clearly something off about Rory’s game and it goes deeper than an equipment change.

The kid has the talent to become as dominant as Tiger was during the 2000s but seems to lack to competitive edge that Woods displayed all those years. I can’t remember Tiger being friends with many people on tour during his dominant stretch. When he would play with Phil Mickelson, his arch nemesis, the two would rarely speak to one another.

Hopefully Rory will figure something out before The Masters in April. Golf has become so exciting because of the budding rivalry between the two top ranked players in the world. For now, Rory remains on top of Tiger, but the start of 2013 has shown that Tiger is out to reclaim his throne atop the sport.

If i was Rory, I’d stop making friends.

Red hot putter, Tiger wins 17th WGC

The star power was superfluous in Donald Trump’s first year as owner of the new Trump Doral Resort. Big names ruled the week as Tiger Woods won his 76th PGA Tour event last week at the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Trump’s new playground in Miami.


It was an exciting weekend to watch. Many of the worlds top players found their way to the top of the leaderboard. In fact, the top nine players in Miami are all ranked in the top 25 in the World Golf Rankings.

Here is the final leader board.


The WGC-Ford Championship is Tiger’s second victory on this young PGA Tour Season. The win propels Tiger into second place in the season long race for the FedEx cup.


Tiger made 27 birdies on the week because his putter caught fire after friend and foe Steve Stricker have him a putting lesson on Wednesday during a practice round. Woods and Stricker finished the week as the top 2 in strokes gained putting. I bet Strick regrets giving Tiger all that advice.


This already being his second victory of the season, Tiger is going into The Masters with a lot of confidence. Seeing the Sunday red and black outfit lead a field of the worlds top golfers is not unusual in Miami as this was Tiger’s 17th victory in a World Golf Championship event.


Tiger will play in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Arnie’s course in Orlando, Bay Hill. Then we will see Tiger play alongside Tim Clark, Ian Poulter, and Justin Rose for Team Albany at the Tavistock Cup.